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Springtime Rhapsody

Poetry about life cannot be more simply and easily penned down by anyone else more adeptly than Umasankar Vadrevu. Words seem to flow from his mind like dew drops from the heavens above. Every single poem in Springtime Rhapsody depicts a new perception of life in the best form. The depiction through his poetry encompasses all emotions in a true feeling.

Vadrevu spends most of his working time in the barren deserts of the Middle East. He keeps spinning splendid poetry and brings everyone to wonder the very way his senses have developed. Be it poetry about nature or friends, lovers or children, he has a very distinct signature.

He has explored and moved in his career from the heat of the foundries to the oil fields, from the toughest to the worst terrains. In his spare time, he loves to spend time in his own country in the lap of nature. He has developed an innate ability to be able to write some of his best works in the most arid regions of the world.

A few of his works are from his earlier written time, somewhere in the late eighties.